Hi! We are Darlings.

An international post production company based in Amsterdam. Our multi disciplined artists are passionate about producing outstanding work. From a project’s inception to completion, Darlings offers close client support. We believe in the spirit of collaboration through openness coupled with a friendly work ethic.

From designing and animating a character to building a complete digital set in 3D. Altering, enhancing or creating entire new shots. From invisible to visible we like a challenge in creating beautiful visuals to help tell your story. The blend between art and science of image enhancement. Our graders work at the highest levels of quality, technology and creativity. And with our dedicated Flame set & operator with years of experience, we are able to tackle any request with speed and efficiency.


Robert Okker

Owner / Head of VFX

When he was a young Robert had a moment of profound awakening. Until that moment he had never known why he was put on this earth. But, as soon as he saw the T1000 literally have meltdown in Terminator 2, he knew what he had to do. It was VFX or die trying.
As soon as Robert was old enough he stole his mother’s toilet brush and set out to find a job, any job – but, as the only tool he had in his arsenal was a toilet brush, it looked like it would have to be toilet cleaning. Robert didn’t care. As long as he got cash to spend on VFX study books and skateboards, he was as happy as a pig in... well, you get the picture.

His total devotion to VFX saw him score an internship with VFX magician Reinier van Brummelen. Under Brummelen’s tutelage for the next four years Robert had the time of his life, soaking up everything he could. Next, he took time out to perfect soft imaging and the rendering side of 3D. Okkie became a master of the entire realm of 3D and all he could see around him. Empires crumpled to dust under his gaze…ok, not really but c’mon, it’s VFX – use your imagination.

Lise Prudhomme

Flame/vfx artist

An artist pur sang, with a great eye for detail.
When she puts pen to paper, or tablet; ideas are transformed into little pieces of art.
With years of experience working at big production companies like: MPC and The mill and Glassworks, she ensures great quality and shows excellent understanding of all the (software) tools she’s working with.
We are happy to have her strengthen our team as a Flame operator.

Randy Roemeon

VFX Artist/Coding Wizard

Always hungry for new technology and searching for pragmatic solutions to help shape and create beautiful imagery.
After studying IT and Application development, he went on learning the craft of Visual Effects at the Filmacademie in Amsterdam. Finding his passion in combining the technical & creative side of creating amazing visuals, that help tell a story.



Greets you with a happy face everytime you step through the door. He makes sure to give you a warm welcome!
Swooping his tail, lying on the floor and giving you a look of disapproval. He has a lot of experience in being the cutest dog ever. He sure is an essential part of the team.
We are happy to have him as our team mascotte.

The Graders

George Balatoni

Senior Grader

George is our personal hero when it comes to colours.

Check out all his work at georgebalatoni.com

Xavi Santolaya

Senior Grader

“I love working as a colorist cause I feel it’s the perfect blend between technic precision and artistic expression”

Xavi is a creative and a self-motivated colorist, outgoing and with excellent communication skills, so it’s easy and pleasant to work alongside. He is a hard worker when necessary, also great in teamwork and will do everything in his hand for solving any problems. Xavi is committed over all and loves high ending work, so be sure he will definitely find the look that best fits your film. If not, let’s start from the scratch!

Check out his awesome work at xavisantolaya.com

Daphne Maierna

Senior Grader

Daphne is also one of our local hero's
Long time friend and great colorist

Check out her work at daphnemaierna.com

Remy de Vlieger

Senior Grader

Remy is working as a freelance Colorist in who's work experience goes all over the word from Europe to the US and Mexico, wtih great experience in commercials but also in features film color grading. Recently he even had the opportunity to work with great french directors and DOPs like Benoit Delhomme (A.F.C), Jérôme Salle, Martin De Chabaneix, Wilfrid Brimo, Jerry Jamson (P.G.A)…

Check out her work at remydevlieger.com