Acer/Intel Dancing Elves

WHAT WE DID Finishing | Compositing | Grading | Edit
VFX ARTIST Robert Okker
GRADER Xavi Santolaya
EDITOR Doug Hancock
CLIENT Acer/Intel
AGENCY Amsterdam Worldwide

For a second year in a row, Santa’s Elves find themselves with a bit too much time on their hands. Thanks to a great deal on the Acer Aspire R11 Laptop this holiday season, the Elves have fewer toy orders than ever before. But these industrious Elves aren’t about to sit around feeling sorry for thems’elves. Instead, they’ve put the time to good use and mastered a new art. That’s right, they’re voguing.

The response to last year’s holiday retail spot for Acer was so positive, that instead of a side promotion, the Elves were chosen as the headliners to promote another fantastic deal, this time for Walmart.

The retail-focused campaign features 15” and 30” films, created under the watchful eye of our LA-based Creative Director, Shawn Preston. The spots will air on Walmart’s video walls across the US, and appear on news, lifestyle and shopping websites, close to the point-of-sale.