Acer/Intel Elves

WHAT WE DID Finishing | Compositing | Grading | Edit
VFX ARTIST Robert Okker
GRADER Daphne Maierna
EDITOR Doug Hancock
CLIENT Acer/Intel
AGENCY Amsterdam Worldwide

To break through the holiday marketing clutter, sometimes it takes buff elves.

It seems Santa’s elves found themselves with extra time on their hands in the run-up to the holidays this year – thanks to Acer and Intel’s special offer on the Iconia Tab 8, via U.S. retail partner Best Buy. When it’s so easy to find a great value tablet gift for the holidays, the workshop gets pretty slow… So what’s an elf to do with all that spare time? Take up bodybuilding of course – with dumbbells made of hefty ornaments and bicep-curl reps measured in polar bears.