Asics Tennis

WHAT WE DID 3D | Finishing | Composeting | Grading | Deliveries
VFX ARTIST Robert Okker | Randy Roemeon | Alex Doss | Rob Wuijster | Chaja Koe | Floris van der Veen
GRADER Daphne Maierna
AGENCY 180 Amsterdam
PROD.CO. Brenninkmeijer Isaacs
DIRECTOR Thor Saevarsson

Gaël Monfils, the number 15 ranked tennis player in the world, faces a mob of opponents armed with tennis-ball firing guns in a new ad for Asics.

180 Amsterdam created the ad, which airs in time for the 2015 French Open and is backed by print and online executions. The title of the ad is a play on Asics existing slogan: “It’s a big world. Go run it.” The spot opens on Monfils walking through a city. He is set upon by combatants with hand-cannons that fire tennis balls and fights back with his racket and athleticism.