DVV Shit Happens

WHAT WE DID 3D | Finishing | Compositing | Deliveries
VFX ARTIST Robert Okker | Randy Roemeon | Michiel Sturm
GRADER Daphne Maierna
AGENCY Happiness Brussels
PROD.CO. Just did it
DIRECTOR Joris Dommels

We know the images of YouTube: a car drives at full speed over the road and suddenly something unexpected happens: a herd of sheep crosses the road or a fighter jet skims past. Happiness went to work for insurer DVV.

Images of a camera on the dashboard, the dashcam. Often the videos come from the internet from Eastern Europe, where the dashcam has been a means for years to show you the same. For the first time in Belgium, an insurer officially uses the dashcam.

“The concept for this campaign did not start with the idea of ​​a TV spot,” says Niek Eijsbouts, creative director of Happiness. ‘For the DVV car insurance we started thinking about how we could make the difference in a market where everyone wants to appeal to the same target group of’ good drivers’. By adding a dashcam, we are not only launching a contemporary incentive, but Happiness advised DVV to be the first insurer in Belgium to take a stand on the use of the dashcam in case of an accident.